Giovanna was born to be in the real estate industry. With family ties rooted deep in Las Vegas Real Estate, Giovanna had rather large shoes to fill in pursuing a career in real estate. She was up for the challenge. Triumphs over adversity could be a banner statement for Giovanna's career. Starting her real estate career two years before the devastating, and infamous real estate crash, has proven that hard work, dedication and devotion to her clients would be a requirement to succeed in this often volatile business. With determination Giovanna pushed through market conditions, and became successful in both number of sales closed ,as well as through the eyes of her clients.

Today Giovanna continues her love for the real estate business and service to her clients. She is passionate about serving the needs of everyone she encounters both in business and in her personal life. Giovanna’s husband and daughter Ramona give her the motivation to succeed and are the highlight of her life. Giovanna gives of herself without expectation to community, her family, and her business.